COVID-19 Information


Menus: Do you like technology as much as we do… awesome, we thought so. You can use your QR reader to view our menu from your phone. Or, keep it old school and use a disposable paper menu.

Wearing Masks: If you are seated at your table please feel free to remove your mask at your leisure. All other times, please wear your mask. Employees will be wearing a mask the entire time they are working.

Cleaning: You will notice we are constantly sanitizing hands and cleaning surfaces. Bathrooms, as well as high contact areas are being cleaned with high frequency throughout the day/night.

Social Distancing: All our tables will be spaced 6 feet or more from one another. Please help us maintain a safe environment by not congregating in front of the host stand or at the draft system and try to keep 6 feet of distance from people outside your party whenever possible.

Payment Preference: We encourage using a credit or debit card when possible, but cash is still good and will be accepted.

Check-in: We check in with all employees before and as they come in for their shift. If a guest feels sick, we hope that you will wait to come visit us as soon as you feel better!

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